A nice factory farm? Don’t be deceived.

Factory farm in Germany

Someone left me a comment on YouTube about how this factory farm looks much nicer than other factory farms, and that it may sway people to think it’s fine to support a farm like this.

Don’t be deceived, there is much sadness in this video.

I actually filmed an intro of me speaking that I cut out, because the feedback I got was that I looked ‘really sad’, and I didn’t want the video to be about me. I didn’t want people asking me if I’m okay. I’m okay, yes. But guess who’s not okay here.

This is about the animals, forcibly confined.

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Unless you think it is decent to live your whole life in the darkness, in the stench of your own feces, with minimal movement. Until it ends as you are beaten into and out of a truck to a place where your throat will be slit. You and your family and all your friends. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to be murdered first, so you don’t have to witness your loved ones being murdered right in front of you.

Don’t think for a second that this is okay, that I’m sensationalizing it.

There is a lack of basic justice sentenced to these innocent beings. It is wrong. Period.

For the cows who are kept on the field, they will meet the same demise. They are still abused.

Believing that abuse on a smaller scale is okay is a very sick notion.  Imagine if we applied this same logic to other forms of abuse. Occassional rape, anyone? How about sometimes child-abuse?

Supporting a ‘nice’ factory farm like this does not absolve you from participating in someone else’s intense suffering. If you don’t want that for yourself, then don’t pay for it to be done unto others.


Vegan Ⓥ, and Canadian expat living in Germany. Here to spread a positive message.

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