Homemade deodorant and toothpaste | DIY VEGAN

I’ve been making my own deodorant for years now, and it’s been GREAT!! So much better than store-bought deodorants – i.e. I don’t stink as much! More importantly, I don’t have to worry about heavy metals like aluminum or harsh chemicals being absorbed by my underarms where my lymph nodes are located. I’ve even started using this deodorant to brush my teeth with (!), and have been doing it for the last few months. Teeth feel great! I love that this is quick and easy to make, is VEGAN, frugal, and helps me minimalize my life. A 2-in-1 product using ingredients I already have at home. Win, win, win!


Vegan Ⓥ, and Canadian expat living in Germany. Here to spread a positive message.

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