Online activism: after 3 weeks


This will be the first day of my Jiskca Project where I won’t post a video for various reasons (my hand is injuredย and I’ve been busy with starting freelancing projects).

But I’ve otherwise been posting every single day, sometimes even twice a day, for the past 3 weeks since I launched!!

Which has resulted in me gaining:

  • almost 900 views,
  • 23 subscribers,
  • over 1800 minutes of my videos being watched!!
  • I’m even about to earn my first $1 on YouTube! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sharing this in case you are hesitating to use social media in your activism. YouTube is the most powerful medium for spreading your vegan message. If I had just been blogging all this time, my stats would not have reached so far.

Getting on YouTube was nerve wracking at first, but I knew I had to get over myself because it’s not about me. I’m just the vehicle. My purpose is to spread the vegan message to try and save lives. That’s the point of all of this.

Whether me spreading the vegan message is turning people vegan or not is still to be determined. I believe it will, because it’s getting people to think about what they put in their bodies and how it got on their plates. Which are very serious considerations that even I as a vegan need to consider.

You never know when someone will go vegan. There are so many people who are on the verge, but who don’t do it for so many reasons. I’m here to remind those people that hey, today can be your day! Don’t ignore it!! Knock down all your excuses!!!

I’m a little perplexed about when I’ll be able to fit in video making. My freelancing is taking up a lot of time and energy and headspace. I need to strike a balance because BOTH my YouTube channel AND my freelancing are very exciting to me, but in different ways.

Looking forward to continuing and am planning to keep up the steam once I adjust to my new work life.


Vegan โ“‹, and Canadian expat living in Germany. Here to spread a positive message.

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