Using social media to spread a positive message


It’s been less than 2 weeks since I launched my website and YouTube channel. And less than 1 week since I announced it to my 450+ Facebook friends.

I’m very shocked and pleased by the results!

Stats are not everything, but they show how incredibly powerful social media is for spreading a positive vegan message.

Spreading the vegan message is not superfluous. It is a trifecta of a message targeting ethics, environment, and health. Veganism is also the only social justice movement (that I know of) that provides practical solutions every single day, at every single meal. So let’s save some lives and our habitat – by going vegan and spreading the message, people!!

My 2 most powerful social media platforms are by far, YouTube and Facebook. Instagram is also quite interactive, but for now it’s on the sidelines for me. Let’s have a look at the stats.

Jiskca YouTube channel: Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.10.31 PM
^These results are lagged by 2 days, as is how YouTube works. But I already can’t believe that people have watched almost 1,000 minutes of my videos altogether! And yes, I’ve made a small amount of money (45 cents), which isn’t much but is encouraging anyway. If you start a YouTube channel, monetize it immediately and use catchy titles and keywords.

Jiskca Facebook page:
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.19.47 PM

Facebook is my biggest platform as I’m tapping into my personal-friends network to promote my work. I got this idea from all the Likes I get from posting my personal photos. People like seeing other people.

For the last year, I’ve been using FB to share my personal photos, while also inserting vegan related messages in between. So I know people are tuning in, even if they’re not directly engaging with my vegan posts. (I do get personal messages from people who say my posts affect them!)

What’s exciting to me is that my FB page is reaching people from all over the world! This list is just a snippet, there are many other countries.
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 1.21.51 PM

Sometimes the vegan movement seems like an exclusive white, privileged, western phenomenon. I’m still exploring this as well as the intersectional nature of veganism, which builds bridges and overlaps other important social justice movements. I am beyond thrilled that people in countries other than Canada, Germany, and the US are tuning in! Thanks everyone for sharing my page with your friends!

Conclusion: Social media is the communication tool when it comes to promoting social justice and education. It is the fastest and cheapest way to reach a mass of people. Do not hesitate to start your vegan social media blitz now. I’ll continue posting about veganism primarily on YouTube, so please support me by watching, liking, subscribing, and commenting.

P.S. on a personal note, me putting myself out there has resulted in many other positive opportunities. e.g. I got a job offer (which I turned down – I have enough freelancing work), collaboration offers, and just many encouraging messages from my network. Another reason to get out there and speak out, even if it’s “controversial” like you think veganism is. You may be surprised to find a receptive audience. 🙂


Vegan Ⓥ, and Canadian expat living in Germany. Here to spread a positive message.

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