Veganism is extreme


It’s really quite sad to me when veganism is considered extreme.

Why is it ‘extreme‘ to gain sustenance directly from the source – from plants?

It has been shown time and time again that adopting a whole foods, plant based diet can prevent AND reverse a myriad of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and other autoimmune diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and more. Not to mention the corollary of eating animal products CAUSING the above mentioned diseases in the first place.

An even more disturbing question is: Why it is ‘extreme’ to stand against exploitation, murder, torture, enslavement, and rape?

Yet it is NOT extreme to forcibly impregnate female cows for the sole purpose of drinking her milk that was meant for her baby? To castrate baby pigs without anaesthesia? To grind male baby chicks alive? To burn off the beaks of chicks? To constantly and relentlessly exploit these beings without any consideration or remorse?

When someone stands up against this injustice and cruelty – THAT is extreme????

This is not extreme

This is not extreme

Vegans are also charged with forcing their opinions onto others.

But look at this world we live in. Who is forcing their opinions on whom? Everywhere I turn there is reinforced messaging about eating animals. It’s tradition, it’s normal, it’s natural. Drink milk. Eat eggs. Have some bacon.

Though it’s not a matter of opinion at all. It’s not my opinion that over 10.2 billion land animals are killed every year (that’s 3,000 land animals killed every SECOND). It’s not my opinion that eating animal products cause disease (see above links). It’s not my opinion that animal agriculture is THE biggest contributor to climate change with 51% of green house gas emissions yearly.

What is opinion is that eating meat is normal, natural, and that we should continue doing what we are doing because: tradition. When you look at the reprocussions of following these doctrines, it is clear that this type of lifestyle is indeed, extreme.

Let’s create a new tradition that is truly based on peace, justice, compassion, and a hope for a better future. Learn how to go vegan here:

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