“Vegans are judgemental!”

Yes it’s true. Vegans ARE judgemental. Guilty as charged.

But guess what? So is everyone else!

Human beings are judgemental.


Check out Cecil. He’s gorgeous. When he was murdered, it caused such an uproar that the American dentist who killed him had to close his practice and go into hiding. That’s the result of judgement happening, with the majority of it coming from non-vegans.


What about the Yulin Dog Festival in China? People in the west judge Asian nations for eating dog meat. Non-vegans will post about the atrocities of eating dogs on their Facebook walls to condemn this practice, and then go have a burger.

While it’s really easy to judge others, let’s not let ourselves off the hook so easily.

Did you know that the Yulin Dog Festival is so small compared to the factory farming of cows, pigs, and chickens? And that a standard western diet is much heavier in animal products than a traditional eastern diet? By consuming a standard western diet, you are just as bad as the Chinese villager who eats dogs. (or worse if you compare number of lives lost for your meals)


The difference between a vegan judging from a non-vegan judging, is that the vegan has judged themselves FIRST.

Most vegans, including myself, did not grow up vegan. I loved eating meat. I loved my eggs and cheese and milk products. I loved having a lifestyle that was non-threatening to the dominant culture.

But guess what?

I judged myself anyway.

I was horrified to discover that *I* contributed to intense pain and suffering of others.

So I stopped. I took responsibility for my actions and changed my behaviours and lifestyle.

I decided to not let the consequences of my actions be another’s death.

Going vegan was the best thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve been reaping the many personal, financial, and health benefits that follow.

Once you get over that vegans are judging you, then you can better understand what vegans are trying to say. NOT-killing others should not be such an upsetting message to take in.


Vegan Ⓥ, and Canadian expat living in Germany. Here to spread a positive message.

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